Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi

the way we pray reveals what we believe

As we return to our newly renovated church it is a good opportunity to be reminded that attending Mass on Sundays and receiving our Lord in the Eucharist are the most important things, we do all week.  As Catholics, our actions reveal what we believe. Here are some gentle reminders:

We encourage silence and prayerful meditation before Mass. Please greet and socialize outside or in the vestibule before you are seated in the church.

Arrive at church before Mass begins to pray and prepare for Mass.

Use the restroom before Mass begins, if possible.

Make room in your pew for people who are looking for a seat. It may be their first time at St. Francis so always be hospitable.

We strongly encourage parents to teach their children to pay attention during Mass.

Silence your cell phone or put it in ‘airplane’ or ‘do not disturb’ mode before Mass begins and avoid checking it during Mass.  It will help you resist the temptation to text, check emails, scan social media, or shop during Mass, which are all inappropriate.

Do not leave Mass before the priest or deacon gives the final blessing & dismissal or preferably after they have processed out of the church.

Until the new kneelers have been installed later this month if you cannot kneel on the floor then it is preferred that you stand rather than sit during the

Eucharistic Prayer and the other parts of the Mass when we are instructed to

kneel.  If you are unable to stand for a long period of time you are welcome to


The church nursery is available for children under 5 years old at the 8:30 & 11AM Masses on the first floor of the Family Life Center 15 minutes before Mass begins for anyone interested.